Air Duct Sealing


We recently attended to a family that told us about the horrific experience they had with a local firm. They had built a new house and got in touch with the company to design and install their ductwork system. Initially, their HVAC worked just fine and did its job as expected. However, as few weeks passed, they started noticing that it took longer and longer for the unit to cool the house. Also, their energy bills started rising despite no corresponding increase in consumption. When they called the company to complain, it flatly refused to admit its fault and blamed it all on the AC. Fortunately, a close friend recommended Marina del Rey CA Air Duct Cleaning and they got in touch with our experts. Within minutes, we found that their ductwork system was badly connected, had too many escape points and was leaking air through the basement and crawlspace. Our experts got to work and fixed the issue on the same day.

The air duct network that runs through your premises is a key component of the HVAC unit. It is designed to maintain air circulation in the house with the help of supply and return vents. Unfortunately, the family we mentioned is just one among many who face issues with their HVAC units due to poor duct sealing. Marina del Rey CA Air Duct Cleaning is a leading air duct service firm in Marina del Rey, CA area that extends it top-notch duct sealing services to both residential and commercial spaces. Call us anytime on 424-652-8199 and get your ductwork system tightly sealed from one end to the other!

Have you noticed these signs?

According to a study, almost 20% of the air that moves through the ducts is lost due to holes, poor connection, and leaks. Since ducts are largely hidden from sight, it is impossible to find out exactly where these leaks or escape points are located. However, here are some of the commonly reported signs that your ductwork is not properly sealed:

  • Marina del Rey CA Air Duct Cleaning Marina del Rey, CA 424-652-8199A sudden spike in energy bills
  • Rooms in your house feel stuffy
  • Rooms are hard to cool or heat
  • The ducts are tangled, twisted, loose or kinked
  • The ducts run through crawlspaces, attics, garage or basements

Have you noticed at least one of these signs in your house? Get your ductwork inspected by our experts immediately.

Reach us for remedy

Marina del Rey CA Air Duct Cleaning’s experts have been fixing and sealing leaky ducts for almost twenty years now and can remedy any issue in a matter of hours. We start with the inspection of supply and return air balance to understand the blockages and restrictions in air flow. Then comes the important part - our experts carefully examine the entire system to detect pain points such as leaks, loose fittings, holes, and damage and fix them one by one. At last, we insulate unconditioned areas to prevent the chances of moisture buildup and improve the energy efficiency of your HVAC unit.

From commercial establishments to condos, a number of clients avail our top-notch duct sealing solutions each year and rank us the best duct service firm in Marina del Rey, CA. While local technicians will overcharge for simple sealing and insulation job, we only quote a price that’s right within your budget!

Solution is just a phone call away!

A sudden rise in energy bills or loss of efficiency - all these could be signs of a poorly sealed air duct. Give us a call on 424-652-8199 at the first hint of trouble!